About The Lessons

All of the lessons are based on an individual's specific requirements.  

From basic sessions that look at learning simple chord progressions and sing-along songs to advanced jazz arrangments and modal rock theory, Craig can cater for any range of musical ambition.


Worksheets (Tablature/Musical Notation/Chord Boxes/Lead Sheets) are provided at each session.  

These can range from new exercises Craig may write up in the session for you; pre-prepared leadsheets for songs

with chord boxes; to full composition scores and case studies.  

Craig also provides audio examples of the exercises and videos of certain techniques on a week by week basis.


Individual practice regimes will be put in place to help a students' progress and keep a structured and diciplined approach to their development.  This is not always required but helps with the more advancing 

students' practice application.


Craig tutors grade courses from entry level to Grade 8 on Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Music Theory.  Courses are tutored and qualifications are awarded by RGT, Trinity College London and ABRSM. 

If you want to study the grades you will need to purchase the relevant workbook/CD.  

Please see the links below for more information on courses available.  

Grade Links:


Electric Guitar - ABRSM Rockschool Guitar - https://www.rockschool.co.uk/books/guitar/   



Acoustic Guitar -  RGT Acoustic Exams - http://www.rgt.org/exams/acoustic-guitar.php



Classical Guitar - Trinity College of Music - http://www.trinitycollege.co.uk/site/?id=1057



Bass Guitar - ABRSM Rockschool Bass - https://www.rockschool.co.uk/books/bass/



Music Theory - ABRSM - http://gb.abrsm.org/en/our-exams/music-theory-exams/

Ukulele - RGT - http://www.rgt.org/exams/ukulele-exams.php



sessions we offer

Electric Guitar

Blues / Rock, Pop / Indie / Funk / Punk / Metal / Progressive / Scales, Modes etc.. / Live Performance

(Rockschool Grades 1-8 Available) 


Acoustic Guitar

Finger-style / Advanced Acoustic Techniques (Frailing, Percussive Acoustic)

Modern / Strummed Styles (Grades Available)


Classical Guitar

Traditional techniques & performance  / Flamenco / Sight Reading (Grades Available)



Re-entrant (High G) & Low G

Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, Electric, Banjolele, Guitarlele  

Simple Strums / Traditional Hawaiian / Advanced Finger-style / Campanella / Formby Style

Modern Arrangements (i.e.; Jake Shimabukuro / James Hill etc...) / Advanced Chord-Melody Arranging


Mandolin, Mandola & Bouzoki

Traditional Irish Techniques / Flat-picking / Jigs, Reels / Bouzouki Rhythmic Accompaniment


5 String Banjo

Frailing & Claw-Hammer style / Old-Timey Minstrel style / Bluegrass & Scruggs style  

Irish, American and Appalachian styles


Music Theory

Music Theory & Application up to Grade 8 / Sight Reading / Arranging, Composing / Test Papers



Songwriting & structuring arrangements / Chord knowledge / Cadence and Hook development

Lyrical exploration & rhyming work / Phrasing / Performance

Production / Music Technology

How to use a studio / How to navigate a DAW / Audio Interfaces / Studio Logistics

Demo recordings / Desk, Microphone & Audio studies / Sampling / Mixing & Mastering


How to arrange unique chord / melody pieces for your chosen instrument  

Writing process & performance / Counterpoint & Polyphonic knowledge / Voicing Isolation




Breathing Exercises / How to sing whilst playing your instrument 

Phrasing, Diction and Intonation / Scales / Live



Band Mentoring

 Helping devise performances / Recording Demos / Working with Stage Presence & Audiences

Tightening an ensemble for live performance or studio recording / Looking at textures between instruments /

Building performance & group confidence / The Music Business

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