Craig first study and labour of love is the guitar.  In all it's forms, the 6 string is home.

Craig offers lessons in all styles and all areas of guitar playing,

Electric, Acoustic & Classical (up to Grade 8 level).

All ages and abilities welcome from the complete novice to the advancing performer.

Approaches Include:


Flamenco / Baroque / Romantic / Modern / Grade Examinations


Chords & Voicings / Barring / Modes & Scales / Fretboard Knowledge / 

The CAGED system / Stylistic analysis (Rock, Blues, Jazz etc..) / L & R Hand technique


Chords & Voicings / Altered Tunings / Finger-style / Fretboard Knowledge / 

  Stylistic analysis (Folk, Modern, Percussive etc..) / L & R Hand technique

Acoustic Guitar