Craig offers Songwriting help to students and groups who require advice

and help in this area.  The experience of working as a songwriter, band member and workshop leader has given Craig a wealth of songwriting and arranging knowledge.


Lessons Available:


Songwriting Workshops

Song Arranging

Stylistic Songwriting

Instrumentation & Orchestration

Demo recording

Production Process

Chord Elaboration & Textural Instrumentation

Lyrical Analysis & Writing

Phrasing & Diction

Band Mentoring



Original Demos & Student Song Examples:


Freerunner - Blue Skies (2004)


Frank Duffy - You Must Go (2011)


Frank Duffy - This Town (2012)



Craig Gamble - Your Melody (2012)

The Wrong Notes - Dancin' (2008)

Craig Gamble - The Game (2004)





A live enemble recording based on a song writen by Craig, played by 4-piece rock band Freerunner.

Live Band Recording by Craig's Band The Wrong Notes

A collaborative song demo based on lyrics and chords from Craig's student Frank and stylistic arrangement / production from Craig

A collaborative song demo based on lyrics and chords from Frank and stylistic arrangement and production from Craig in songwriting sessions

An early solo recording written by Craig

A demo recording for a friend multi-tracked and recorded at home with sequenced drums