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Colling OM2H SB Custom Build Acoustic Guitar (2009)


A beautiful custom build from master luthier Bill Collings in Austin Texas, Craig's main acoustic guitar is an Orchestra Model with everything custom build to Craig's spec wishes!  Including a bespoke sunburst, exotic woods from India, Peru and Madagascar and unique interior bracing for longer sustain.  Craig uses D'addario EXP .12 gague strings, shubb deluxe capos and a Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup/microphone.

Fender Telecaster 1952 Reissue Vintage USA Customshop (2001)


A guitar Craig hasn't been without since he was 18 years old, his main electric axe is a reissue of the original 1952 telecaster, a landmark year in the evolution of the electric guitar.  A simple classic, this guitar is so versatile and comes set up with vintage wired pickups, tuners and neck profile.  Craig uses gague .10 D'addario's for this guitar although in the heavier bands uses .11's and tunes down to Eb. 

Fender Telecaster JD 'Jerry Donahue' Japanese (1992)


Another gem from Fender, this bound body 70's style vintage Tele design is a classic and now quite sought after.  Made in Fender's great Japanese factories for only a few short years, this JD Telecaster packs a punch with burstbucker pickups and fat heavy V profile neck, similar to the '52.  Now residing at Gamble Snr's abode and living out it's days being oggled.

Ko,olau Pono MPTSHC Tenor 'Ukulele (2011)


The famous Ukulele is another hand built instrument crafted bespokely for Craig by the Ko'olau family in Hawaii.  It was shipped over two years ago after being commisioned and Craig has never looked back.  The magic of the Ukulele in general is extra special and it's versatility completely endless. The wider string spacing allows tricky fingerstyle work to be acheived and the pickup/mic allows for percussive effects when the Maple top is hit. A few bespoke features to this Ukulele include the undersaddle Lr Baggs pickup system, a beautiful ebony slotted headstock and a cutaway to allow Craig access to the dusty end of the Ukulele's fretboard..

Asturias 3340 Cedar Top Classical Guitar (1980)


A magnificently toned classical guitar, this vintage classical guitar is an exceptional model and very rare these days.  Given to Craig by an old family friend just before he passed away tragically, this guitar holds a lot of personal meaning and is part of Craig's musical heritage.  Most of his students drool at the tone on offer here. 

American Eagle Homemade Resonator 5-String Banjo (1994)


This banjo started life as a wooden resonator back in a junk shop and was built by Craig's father from this single piece of the banjo.  Slowly built upon over a few years, it is Craig's main 5-string now, a lovely humble instrument that sounds fantastic with clawhammer and scruggs fingerstyle techniques

Rally A-Style Tear Irish Mandolin (1991)

Part of a family of instruments that traces back to Greece, this mandolin is a lovely A-style Irish mandolin is Craig's main mando axe.  Combining a nice spruce top and ebony fingerboard, the mandolin sounds fantatsic and is quite a rare Rally model from the 90's